With many changes underway in the world of title and registration, MADA has developed a number of materials to help your dealership adapt. Please use the information posted here as your go-to resource and take advantage of MADA's training classes and vendors who can assist you during the transition from MNLARS to MNDRIVE.


With the launch of MNDRIVE e-Services for Business, dealerships will no longer need to purchase PS-2000 forms for title applications or yellow booklets for temporary permits. The new system will generate both, replacing the current forms.

However, the temporary permits created by the system will need to be printed on special paper stock for display on the rear-license plate holder.

How do I order paper stock for temporary permits?

The new paper stock, composed of 100% PET, is available for purchase through MADA Services beginning October 19. Contact your salesperson or call 651-291-2400 for information on pricing and to order.

What do I do with my yellow booklets of temporary permits?

The yellow booklets of 21- and 31-day permits expired December 31, 2020. 

How do the new temporary permits work?

The special paper stock made from 100% PET is used for temp tags in multiple states due to its performance characteristics under rigorous application. It is tear-resistant, water-resistant, abrasion-resistant, UV light-resistant and non-glare.

When you have generated the temp in e-Services for Business, you will the print from a laser printer onto the special stock. (Please note: the special stock does not work in line or ink-jet printers.)

The paper is also perforated. The top section houses the actual permit that you will affix to the rear license plate holder. The bottom section will contain the customer and vehicle information and serve as a temporary registration card for the customer.


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