Keynote Speaker, Kevin Tynan

Keynote Speaker Bio | Kevin Tynan

Kevin is the Global Director of Automotive Research for Bloomberg Intelligence, which is Bloomberg’s investment research department, delivering insight to global decision makers. Kevin has 25 years of investment research experience. He began his career as an equity analyst, covering the global automotive, auto parts and auto retailers industries.

He has said the U.S. auto industry is emerging from the most dynamic period of change in more than half a century.

The events of the past three years created a disruptive business environment most of us have never experienced. Dealers had to overcome and adapt to changes in production strategies by automakers, product portfolios, the supply/demand balance, plus shop & compare capabilities of consumers. In 2023 and beyond, the challenge will be to turn what was once a disruption into a permanent industry characteristic.

His presentation will discuss the new dynamics in the auto industry, what they mean, and of course, what they signify for the future.