With many changes underway in the world of title and registration, MADA has developed a number of materials to help your dealership adapt. Please use the information posted here as your go-to resource and take advantage of MADA's training classes and vendors who can assist you during the transition from MNLARS to MNDRIVE.


What is EVTR?

Electronic vehicle titling and registration (EVTR) is an interface dealers can elect to use that will reduce the upfront data entry e-Services for Business will require of them, by as much as 85%!

Dealerships will have the opportunity to choose one of several EVTR vendors who can streamline the work, and in some instances, provide integration with their DMS system. Besides minimizing manual data entry for F&I staff, EVTR programs will also allow customers to receive their license plates on the spot, eliminating the inconvenience of a return trip to the dealership to pick them up.

How can I find an EVTR vendor?

MADA has compiled a list of the qualified EVTR vendors, including information on whether they can integrate with DMS systems, and if so, which ones. We will also be hosting a series of EVTR demonstrations so members can see first-hand how the different options work and make an informed decision about what will work best in their stores.

When can I start using EVTR?

While MNDRIVE and use of e-Services for business begin on November 16, most dealers won't be able to take advantage of the efficiencies of EVTR until January 2021. That's because when MNDIVE launches, EVTR vendors will be beginning in a pilot mode and limiting their work to a maximum of five stores a piece to ensure the interface between their systems and MNDRIVE work as planned. 

Again, by January 2021, any dealer who would like to utilize this time-saving option should be able to enroll with a qualified EVTR vendor. 

Is there anything else I need to do to use EVTR?

State law requires that all dealerships using EVTR have a certified staff person who submits title applications to the state. MADA offers classes to become "title certified." You can find the upcoming schedule of classes here.

Once you enroll in an EVTR program and have certified staff, your dealership will keep an inventory of license plates and indicia on-site for distribution to customers. There are two recommended practices for holding this inventory:

  1. Finance managers can hold their own stock and can issue the plates and stickers upon signing out their customers.
  2. Title clerks can keep all stock and issue them to customers upon completion of the title work.


Still have questions? Contact MADA Titling and Registration by emailing titleandregistration@mada.org.