(PART 2) Prevent Social Media Posts from Tainting Your Organization's Reputation

Prepare, prevent and manage your dealership's reputation during challenging times.

In view of current social and political climates and the COVID-19 health crisis, social media platforms are increasingly being used to voice personal opinions and to engage in controversy. As a result, dealerships are facing new challenges in this changing and volatile enviorment.

As Americans, our freedom of speech is guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution not to be infringed upon by the government. Many of your employees exercise that right on social media. While we all have freedom of speech, we do not have freedom from consequences of that speech at work.

Learn how to prepare for and respond to these challenges. Among the topics of discussion:

• How to deal with disparaging comments made about your dealership.

• How to best communicate COVID-19 related updates to your employees and the public.

• Discuss tools and tactics to help you prepare for and prevent problems.

• What steps to take if you find yourself in crisis. 

This webinar is recommended for GM’s, controllers, HR management, office managers, marketing managers, social media managers and any dealership personel who oversees employees.


Katie Jackson-Richter, VP & COO at Cuneo Advertising

Katie Jackson-Richter’s relentless pursuit of achieving results for Cuneo Advertising’s clients is reflected in the agency’s year-over-year growth for nearly a decade. Katie exemplifies the belief that, in the automotive world, you can never rest. She’s an astute observer, well-versed in the nuances of the automotive business and the complex dynamics of dealer groups and management teams and she excels at building relationships that deliver exceptional results for our client/partners.









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