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With many changes underway in the world of title and registration, MADA has developed a number of materials to help your dealership adapt. Please use the information posted here as your go-to resource and take advantage of MADA's training classes and vendors who can assist you during the transition from MNLARS to MNDRIVE.


Beyond helping dealers with the transition from MNLARS to MNDRIVE e-Services for Business, MADA is pleased to offer its Title Relief program.

For an hourly fee, dealerships can contract with Title Manager Aly Quinn to provide them one-on-one assistance:

• overhauling their title operations;
• consulting on best practices; and
• staffing if shorthanded or behind on processing of title work.

Aly’s many years working in the area, as a dealership title clerk, Deputy Registrar, and EVTR vendor, have truly made her an expert in the field. She can quickly and accurately catch you up on piles of title work or troubleshoot problems and offer solutions that will save your store from constantly reconciling title application and registration errors.

Click here to learn more about Aly’s Title Relief services and pricing.

Title Help Around the Country

MADA's Title Relief program extends beyond Aly's services regarding Minnesota titles. We also have a partnership with VITU Interstate to provide help with out-of-state titling. Whether you're serving customers from across the border or snowbirds from across the country, VITU Interstate offers a continuum of services to make it easy for you to take care of them. They can show you the fees your customer will pay, hand over a complete set of titling and registration forms or, most conveniently, register the vehicle for your customer on behalf of the dealership.

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 Title and Registration News

Announcing the MNDRIVE Tour!

MADA is excited to bring important
Title and Registration
training to locations near you. 
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