With many changes underway in the world of title and registration, MADA has developed a number of materials to help your dealership adapt. Please use the information posted here as your go-to resource and take advantage of MADA's training classes and vendors who can assist you during the transition from MNLARS to MNDRIVE.


On November 16, the state launched MNDRIVE, its new motor vehicle transaction system which replaces the plagued MNLARS system.

Dealers will access MNDRIVE through its dealer portal, e-Services for Business. This is where dealers will process all motor vehicle paperwork, including: 

  • running vehicle inquires,
  • creating Minnesota title applications, and
  • printing 21- and 31-day temporary permits for customers.

Additionally, e-Services for Business is where dealers will annually renew their dealer license and manage their inventory of dealer plates.

What's different?

In e-Services for Business, finance departments will start the transaction and input all the information needed to generate both a title application and a temporary permit.

While this requires more data entry in F&I offices, dealers may streamline the process by working with an electronic vehicle title and registration vendor (EVTR). These systems can create shortcuts, and in some instances integrate with your DMS, in order to populate the title application fields and eliminate the need to manually enter the information.

Both title applications and 21- and 31-day temporary permits will be generated within the system. You will no longer order PS-2000 forms or yellow temporary permit books. You will print temporary permits from e-Services for Business on special paper made from 100% PET, available for order from MADA. You will also need to have a laser printer, as line and ink-jet printers are not compatible with the special paper.

What do I need to do to get ready to use e-Services for Business?

  1. Make sure you have a person in you dealership designated as an administrator with the state before October 30. This person is the primary point-person that manages who in your store can access e-Services for Business. If you don't have someone, you will not be allowed to use MNDRIVE e-Services for Business. If you need to designate someone or confirm who is your administrator, email
  2. Attend a DVS MNDRIVE Minute training session.
  3. Play around in the "sandbox," an online practice environment, November 2-13.
  4. Order paper stock for the new temporary permits (and a laser printer if you don't have one yet).
  5. While not required, MADA also recommends finding an EVTR vendor. Attend a demo session and learn more here.

More Information

Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) has compiled a comprehensive list of FAQs posted on its website


Still have questions? Contact MADA Titling and Registration by emailing