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States Grants Available for Level 2 Chargers

January 31, 2023

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) is making $664,000 available in grant money to be used for the purchase and installation of Level 2 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.

Here’s a snapshot of the details:

1.      The grants are available to For-Profit Businesses, Nonprofit Businesses, Multi-Dwelling Units, and Public Entities (schools, tribes, counties, cities, and state agencies).

2.      Up to $7,500 for a single-port stations and $15,000 for a dual port with a max of $150,000 per applicant.

3.      Stations can be public or private, and applicants will have to match 20% or 40% of the costs depending on whether the stations are public or private.

4.      Minimum size is 6.6 KW per charging port, and application scoring will be higher as the charging station output goes higher. Grant money cannot be used for Level 3 DC Fast Chargers nor Level 1 (120V) charging stations.

5.      Application scoring will be higher if the energy used for the stations is sourced from renewable sources. Renewable energy doesn’t have to be directly connected to the station, so applicants can buy renewable energy credits from their utility.

6.      Applicants will have to install a minimum of two stations with at least one of them being handicapped accessible.

7.      Grant money cannot be used to recoup money for stations that are already in place or in the process of being installed.

8.      Once an application has been awarded a grant, applicant will have to pay for the install up-front and then submit receipts to recoup the costs.

9.      Applications are due by 4:30 pm, February 28th.

10.   Applications will be made using the state’s SWIFT portal.   Click here to go to the portal.

 MADA will be available to assist with the grant applications and to answer questions from dealers. Call MADA’s Electric Vehicle Program Director, Steve Nisbet, at 763-321-6932 or email him at

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