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MADA Statement on ALJ Ruling

May 7, 2021


Statement from MADA President Scott Lambert on ALJ Ruling

We are not surprised by the Administrative Law Judge’s ruling today. With over 22,000 Minnesotans voicing their opposition, we still maintain that the Minnesota Legislature should be involved in this policy decision.

If the MPCA and Walz Administration were truly serious about getting more electric vehicles (EV) on the road, they would have proposed a budget that incents EV demand and invests in charging infrastructure since the higher upfront costs of EVs and “range anxiety” are the two top barriers to consumer adoption.  Instead, they have chosen to abdicate decisions about Minnesota’s vehicle offerings to California and are instituting a policy that leaves Minnesota dealers bearing the financial risk.  We sought to meet with Governor Walz directly to offer alternatives that would help advance EV adoption without harming Main Street businesses and Minnesota consumers, but were repeatedly rebuffed.

Moving forward with this divisive policy makes zero sense. The Biden Administration is working to create stronger federal emissions standards. The Walz Administration should wait instead of deciding to follow California into a complete ban on the sale of gas-powered vehicles. 




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