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MADA Cautions Consumers Amid Wave of Catalytic Converter Thefts

April 27, 2021

 MADA Cautions Consumers Amid Wave of Catalytic Converter Thefts

With a growing number of unhappy customers seeking replacements for their stolen catalytic convertors, the Minnesota Auto Dealers Association (MADA) is issuing a warning to consumers about replacing the devices and gives a few tips on preventative measures.

“The theft of these devices is becoming endemic,” stated Scott Lambert, President of MADA.  “According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) Minnesota ranks 3rd in the nation in stolen converters.  The St. Paul Police have estimated that converters are being stolen at a rate of 6 a day in their city alone.”

“Replacement parts can sometimes be difficult to find,” warned Lambert.  “Consumers need to be aware that if they shortcut the repairs and use knock-offs or non-original factory parts, they run a big risk of voiding their vehicle’s warranty.”

He also advised consumers to consider a few preventative measures such as adding equipment that makes it much harder to remove the catalytic converters or marking them to deter them from being taken.

Otherwise, Lambert called on the State Legislature to pass legislation, making it tougher to sell and market stolen convertors.  He also asked for greater diligence from law enforcement on tracking down the rings of gangs responsible for these thefts.

“I realize it is little consolation for a consumer who has been a target of this crime,” concluded Lambert, “but, we are working with policymakers, law enforcement, the Department of Commerce and manufacturers to address this problem.”

[Visual examples of a Catalytic Converter and the devices consumers can use to frustrate would be thieves are available at MADA in West St. Paul.]

Established in 1919, the Minnesota Auto Dealers Association is a statewide trade group representing 375 franchised new car dealers throughout Minnesota.  MADA advocates on behalf of its dealers at the legislature and provides its members legal guidance, communications, and training.

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