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Walz Delivers Lump of Coal to Minnesota Dealers

December 18, 2020


Walz Administration’s MPCA Delivers Lump of Coal to Minnesota Consumers and Businesses with Release of California Car Rule

The Minnesota Auto Dealers Association (MADA) came out today criticizing Governor Walz and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) for pressing forward with its intention to adopt California Car rules.

“The Walz Administration is giving everyone the promise of fewer trucks and higher prices for Christmas this year,” stated MADA President Scott Lambert.  “It’s a big lump of coal for working Minnesotans.”

“Allowing bureaucrats in California to set Minnesota policy is plain wrong,” Lambert went on to say.

“The MPCA is obsessed with increasing the supply of electric vehicles without addressing the barriers to demand. Minnesota dealers would love to sell customers electric vehicles, but issues with the upfront cost, range, size, and capabilities have dampened interest. The MPCA’s proposal does nothing on the incentive end. To reach 8% of annual sales, California has spent over $770 million the past six years on consumer rebates for EVs.

 “The Walz Administration had months to engage in a discussion on a better, more collaborative approach to achieve their goal of getting more electric vehicles on the road but dismissed any attempt to talk about the issue.  Instead, they waited until Christmas, while part of the state’s economy is shutdown, to announce another heavy-handed executive directive, this time abdicating control over a critical sector of Minnesota’s economy to California.

“This policy is bad for Minnesota consumers and bad for Main Street Minnesota businesses who are working hard to support their employees and communities right now,” Lambert concluded.


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