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Walz Proposes Minnesota Adopt CA Clean Car Standard

September 26, 2019

On September 25,  Governor Tim Walz announced that he plans for Minnesota to adopt California Clean Car Standards, which include low emission (LEV) and zero emission (ZEV) vehicle mandates.  The administration did not seek input from MADA or other impacted stakeholders (manufacturers, biofuels groups) before this announcement was made.

The implications of adopting of such a rule are unclear and hinge on whether California is allowed to continue to set its own standards, since the Trump Administration recently revoked California's authority to do so. The matter is now being litigated in federal court.

MADA responded with a statement condemning Walz's proposal, as the air quality, demographics, and consumer preferences are vastly different in California than Minnesota.

Walz is pursuing this initiative via rulemaking instead of legislatively.  The process will last 15-18 months and allow mutliple opportunities for MADA and our dealers to weigh in.  Stay tuned for updates.


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