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General Motors Disclosure Requirement

November 9, 2017

General Motors (GM)  is requiring all dealers to obtain signed customer disclosures on certain sales and service transactions. Specifically, sales customers must sign and acknowledge when they are sold a “Non-GM Service Contract.” Service, and potentially sales, customers must sign and acknowledge when “Non-GM Parts and Accessories” are used or installed on service or sales vehicles.

GM has created a specific form which can be used to satisfy this new disclosure. A copy of this form can be obtained here: GM Disclosure Form. In addition, dealers may use their own form, or incorporate the disclosure into a pre-existing form, provided the disclosure is substantively the same as the GM form. MADA Services is in the process of modifying its forms to accommodate this new GM mandate. Contact your MADA Services sales representative for more information on how to obtain these forms.

NOTE: The new GM disclosure goes into effect November 30, 2017. Dealers must include the signed disclosure with all relevant deal jackets and service vehicle histories.

Contact MADA legal counsel Dan Louismet with any questions. (651) 789-2948.


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