Proposed MADA Articles and Bylaw Amendments

Notice of Membership Meeting

The Board of Directors of the Minnesota Automobile Dealers Association called a meeting of the franchised dealer members of the Association:

June 24, 2016 at 9:00 am

Radisson Hotel

2540 North Cleveland Avenue

Roseville, MN

(Immediately prior to the previously scheduled MADA Regional Meeting)
The purpose of the meeting is to consider amending the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of MADA as described below.

MADA Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws

Proposed Amendments

The MADA Board of Directors recommends amending the MADA Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws as follows:
  • Rename the following MADA officer positions to reflect current naming trends and allow for easy comparison with other automotive trade associations around the country:
    • President   ----> Chair
    • President Elect ---> Vice Chair
    • Executive Vice President ---> President
  • Remove the requirement for a formal Annual Meeting of the members MADA.
  • MADA has a December meeting and invites all the members to attend.  However, a luncheon format with speeches and entertainment doesn’t lend itself well to the formalities of an “Annual Meeting.”
    • The MADA Board of Directors is in fact the governing body of the Association.
    • Special meetings of the MADA members may still be called as provided in the Bylaws.
  • Allow the MADA Board of Directors to amend the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws instead of requiring a member meeting.
  • MADA Counsel also removed some antiquated and unnecessary provisions from the Articles.  For example, membership categories and officer positions are properly addressed in the Bylaws.
Redline versions showing the proposed amendments to the Articles and Bylaws in their entirety are available HERE:
Dealers with questions or concerns are encouraged to contact Scott Lambert of Jim Schutjer in advance of the meeting.