Recruitment and Retention Series: Building and Executing Your Recruitment Strategy


The most important asset your dealership has are the people on your team. Achieving sales quotas, maintaining an energetic workplace, and generating customer loyalty are only made possible by the individuals you onboard. Simply put, the ability to recruit qualified candidates is essential to spurring the growth of your dealership.
Recruiting is more than just placing ads and getting more people “in the door.” Recruiting is about finding creative solutions to conquer age-old problems. Success starts by asking the right questions, attracting the right people, and filling the right positions.
MADA Education is proud to announce the Recruitment and Retention Series, a highly-requested and anticipated two-part class series dedicated to the crucial realm of dealership employee recruitment and retention.

In this first course, we will explore and identify the key elements of successful, creative, and energized recruitment strategies. We will address the challenges and benefits that arise from having a workforce composed of multiple generations. Most importantly, we will empower you with the tools and skills needed to immediately begin a successful recruitment campaign.

Tuesday, September 11 2018
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

MADA Headquarters
200 Lothenbach Ave
West St. Paul, MN 55118

$199 for MADA Members,
$179 for additional attendees from same rooftop.


$219 for NON-MADA Members


Alice Morse