WEBINAR: Manufacturer Replenishment Programs. Are they Working "AND" How do they Stack Up to Traditional Inventory Stocking


Learn to identify different types of idle inventory, predicting future obsolete inventory, and methods for purging idle inventory. 
Learning Objectives:
1)  Learn the state of the dealership parts industry. 
2)  Learn the benchmark precentages for manufacturers.
3)  Identify if manufacturer "matrixing" is working for you.

4)  Identify CRITICAL inventory measurments (Month No Sale vs Month No Receipt). 

5)  Discuss technical obsolesce, forecasting future idle inventory growth.

6)  Learn how to properly calculate inventory turns.

7)  Discuss Playbook, a program to measure inventory app.

This webinar is intended for: Owner, General Managers, Fixed Operation Directors, Parts Directors, and Parts Managers.


Presented by Chuck Hartle, President of PartsEdge




Wednesday, June 5, 2019
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM



MADA Members: 

Non MADA Members


Alice Morse